Omaha Home Remodeling Contractor

How to Update a 1950’s Home – Removing Walls, Remodeling
and Creating a DIY Open home floor plan

DIY Busting out walls in This 1950’s Rambler to create an open floor plan.

We show you how to locate load bearing walls, and safely remove them to update a house in this renovation.

How to update a house with simple but strategic remodeling including removing the RIGHT walls the RIGHT way! Safe DIY renovation makes for a happy do it yourself renovation 😉


This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to safely cut open up a wall. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

Shopping List for How to Remove a Load-Bearing Wall:

– 2x4s, for bracing ceiling above
– 2x8s and filler strips, used to build new header
– construction adhesive, for adhering new framing to wall
– assorted drywall screws and common nails Tools for How to Remove a Load-Bearing Wall:
– hammer
– reciprocating saw, used to cut opening in wall
– power miter saw, used to cut lumber to length
– drill/driver, used to drive screws
– caulking gun, for applying construction adhesive
– wet/dry vacuum, used to collect saw dust

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